Use A.I. to improve your mood!

Now more than ever, your mental health is important. TwitterTwill gives you the power to improve your mood under your own terms on social media.

We make your data work for you!

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Why & How


Social media has been both a blessing and a curse. News from all around the world in amazing detail at your very fingertips!

Unfortunately, a lot of that news and commentary can be negative. Over time, this exposure can lead to a negative impact on your mental health!


TwitterTwill does not manage your timeline for you, but provides you valuable analytics and metrics to empower you manage your timeline and who are the repeat offenders that may be negatively impacting your mental health.

We give you the tools to make actionable moves to make your timeline a better place to browse.

Actionable Metrics

By using a purpose built social-media specific text analysis tool, we can determine the overall mood of your timeline by sampling it many times during the day - totally automagically!

See who is a frequently negative content creator, the overall mood of your timeline as time goes on, as well as the mood of each sample session!


Once you sign up for TwitterTwill we begin sampling your timeline over time.

Get daily or weekly mood summaries delivered right to your inbox - track your progress over time.

How to Use TwitterTwill

Run Your First Analysis

Once you signup using your Twitter account getting your first analysis is one button click away!

Shows the default screen on first login where the user can create their first sentiment.
Shows the breakdown of a single analysis session - showing cool metrics that the user can use to make decisions on.

Review your Results

View metrics for the analysis that just ran presented in a dead-simple manner!
See analytics like the overall mood, most frequent poster, and the results of each tweet on the timeline that was analyzed!

Tracking Over Time

Once an hour during peak tweeting hours you timeline will be sampled. Opt-in for a daily or weekly timeline summaries delivered to your inbox!

See your overall stats present on your dashboard on login!

A users dashboard that shows a lot of data that has been analyzed and their overall metrics

Become Empowered.

Get your first timeline analysis and use your own data to your advantage.

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